# primary Education।।শ্রেণি-চতুর্থ।। Class-Four।। lesson 1।। Why is the Sky so high?

primary Education।।শ্রেণি-চতুর্থ।। Class-Four।। lesson 1।। Why is the Sky so high? 

 Why is the Sky so high? 



Write 'T' for true and 'F' for false statements in the given boxes:
(a) Mimi and Raju were not excited about hearing the story. [F] 
(b) Once upon a time, children played with the sky. [T] 
(c) The sky and the children were very happy then. [T] 
(d) At that time, the sky was far away from the earth. [F] 

Activity- 2

What would you do if you could touch the sky? Discuss with your partner.
Answer. If I could touch the sky. I would be very happy. I would ask him to give more rains because I like rains. I also would request him to play with me because I have very little number of friends. I would give him my cricket ball and play together. I would get news from him because he is over the earth and he also could see almost everything. I would request him to tell stories to me. It would be very happy life for me.


Complete the following sentences with words from the text: 
Answer(a) The old woman lived in a mud hut. 
Answer→ (b) The hut was beside a paddy field.  
Answer(c) One hot summer day there was dust everywhere. 
Answer (d) The old woman swept her hut with a broom

Complete the following table. One is done for you.


Did the following

(i) The old woman

cleaned her hut

(ii) The sky

Coughed and sneezed

(iii) Dust

Rose all around in brown clouds

(iv) The sky,s water of the eyes

Fell drops of rain


Arrange the following sentence in the correct order. Put the number the giver boxes. One is done for you: 
Answer. (a) The sky flew out of reach of the old woman's broom.[5] 
(b) The sky could take it no more. [4] 
(c) The woman ordered the sky to stop raining. [1] 
(d) The old woman kept on sweeping. [3] 
(e) The sky could not stop raining. [2] 


Answer the following questions:

(a) Why was the old woman angry at the sky?
Answer. The rain made the swept area more muddy. She becam angry.  

(b) What did the sky do to avoid the dust ? 
Answer. The sky jumped out of the old woman's way to avoid the dust. 

(c) Why did the woman keep on sweeping? 
Answer. The woman wanted to clean her hut more clean than before. 

(d) is the sky your friend? Give reasons for your answer?
Answer. Yes, the sky is my friend. I like the colour of the sky very much. When I feel lonely I talk with him. I think that he will listen to me also and feel my sadness.


Circle the words which are the names of persons, places or things:
(a) Mira is a girl.
Answer: Circle- Mira 
Mira is the name of a person. 

(b) My uncle lives in Kolkata.
Answer: circle-  Kolkata 
Kolkata is the name of a place.

(c) The Statesman is a famous newspaper. 
Answer: Circle- The Statesman  
The Statesman is the name of a thing.

(d) Piku went to Agra to see the Tajmahal. 
Answer: Circle- Piku, Agra, Tajmahal. 
Piku is the name of a person. Agra is the name of a place. Tajmahal is the name of a thing. 


Underline the Proper Nouns in the following passage :
Answer. There lived a young boy in a village. His name was Rajib. He studied in class VI. His sister Bihu studied in class IV. One day they went to visit t : zoo in Kolkata. They also visited the Victoria Memorial. They enjoyed the day very much.

Actity-7 (c)

 Underline the neuter genders in the following sentences :
Answer. (a) The old woman swept with her broom.
(b) The calendar is on the wall
(c) The teacher is writing on the blackboard
(d) The lion lives in the forest.


Underline the common genders in the following sentences: 
Answer.(a) The servant is sweeping the floor. 
(b) The students are going out for a picnic 
(c) The king was a kind person
(d) The son of my neighbour is my classmate.


 Fill in the blanks with words from the help box. One is done for you. 

Help box: dust, coughing, flew, avoid, eyes
Answer:  (a) My pet cat has green eyes.
(b) The old man was coughing the entire night.
(c) After the rain, there was no dust on the road. 
(d) We should always try to avoid telling lies.
(e) The bird flew off to the sky.

Activity- 8 (b)

Make sentences of your own using the following words: 
Answer: Village : We live in a village.
Broom: She Tapati was sweeping the yard with a broom.
Stop: He asked me to stop.
Play : I do not play at night. 


Write four sentences on how the community workers keep your school area clean. Use the following hints : 
Using broom and water. 
Sweping the dust regularly.
Removing the garbage. 
Answer: The community workers regularly sweep the dust from our school area. They remove garbage everyday. They use broom and water to clean the area. Actually the community workers are our social friends.

Write four sentences on how one should take care of old people. Use the following hints:   
Looking after the needs of old people.
■ Providing healthy food. 
■ Helping in daily work. 
 Answer: The old people are actually feel helpless all the time so we always give both them mental and support physical. We should look after the needs of old people. We always provide them health food. We should help them to do their daily work.

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