# Primary education।।English।।Lesson-2।।Class-Four।।A girl in a fair

Primary education।।English।।Lesson-2।।Class-Four।।A Girl in a Fair 

A girl in a fair 
Complete the following sentences with words from the text :
(1) Lipi is_______ years old. (b) Lipi and her parents live________.
(c) Lipi's father makes________.(d) Lipi repeatedly asks her father to take her__________. 
(a) Lipi is nine years old. 
(b) Lipi and her parents live at Sukhnagar.
(c) Lipi's father makes masks of various kinds.
(d) Lipi repeatedly asks her father to take her along

Why is Lipi so eager to go to the fair? Discuss with your partner. 
 Answer. Lipi is a little girl. She hear about the fair from others. Moreover, her father sells masks in the fair in every year. All these things are create eagerness in her mind. 

● Write 'T for true and F for false statements in the given boxes.
Answer.(a) Nobody was buying masks. [F]
(b) Lipi's father sells dolls. [F] 
(c) The dolls are made of wood. [F] 
(d) Mansur is Rubina's father. [T] 

Column A with Column B:



(1) Lipi is excited

to be at the fair.

(2) Some people gathered

to buy masks

(3) Lipi meets Rubina

inside Mansur's shop

(4) Mansur sells dolls

made of burnt clay

Arrange the following sentences in the correct order. Put the numbers in the given boxes. One is done for you.
Answer.(a) She has fun riding the merry-go-round. [4]
(b) Lipi looks around the fair. [2]
(c) Close by, a puppet show is about to start. [2] 
(d) She wishes to visit the fair again next year. [5]  
(e) She also hears a group of bauls sing some distance away. [3] 

Answer the following questions.  
(a) Who is Lipi's classmate?
Ans. Sujoy's Lipi's classmate. 

(b) What does Sujoy buy at the fair? 
Ans. Sujoy buys a doll and a mask of tiger at the fair. 

(c) What does Lipi eat at the fair?
Ans. Lipi eats at the fair alu-kabli and phuchka. 

(d) Why is Lipi very happy? 
Ans. Lipi has never been to a fair. She saw puppet show, rnding in the merry-go-round. She ate alu-kabli and phuchka Her father bought a nice saree for her mother. So she is very happy.
circle the nouns in the sentences. Underline the words which replace the nouns. 
(1) Lipi looks around the fair. She sees the huge merry-go-round. 
(2) Little Lipi has never been to fair. So she is very excited today,
(3) Sujoy is Lipi's classmate. He buys a mask.
(4) Lipi's father buys her a doll, It is made of burnt clay.
Answer. Circle:-(1) Lipi, 
(2)Lipi, (3)Sujoy, (4)doll 
Underline:- (1)She, (2)She, (3)He, (4)It 

Replace the underlined words with words from the help box having similar meanings.
Help Box: large, different, begin, glad.
(i) We see various shops in the fair. 
Ans. We see different shops in the fair.  

(ii) Rini is delighted to see her friend.
Ans. Rini is glad to see her friend. 

(iii) Huge rocks are found under the sea. 
Ans. Large rocks are found under the sea. 

 (iv) The football match is about to start. 
Ans. The football match is about to begin. 

Make sentences of your own using the following words: 
Answer. Agrees: Sutapa agrees to go to the zoo.  
Exclaims : I exclaim in fear.
Crowd: A crowd has gathered in front of playground.
Folk:1 love folk song. 

Lipi enjoyed eating alu-kabli and phuchka at the fair. Have you ever tasted these? Write four sentences on what other food you like cating. 
 Ans. Yes, I have tasted alu-kabli and phuchka. And I like other foods also. I like (i) Biriani (ii) Chili Chicken (iii) Ice-cream (iv) Chocolate etc. Above all I like other food prepared by my mother. 
Activity-9 (b)
In this lesson you have read about a village fair. There are many other fairs held in our state. Pictures of two such fairs are given below: 
Book Fair
A large variety of books can be found at one place. Books of different countries are bought and sold here.

Handicrafts Fair 
Hand-made objects like pots flower-vase and other decorative items sold here.

Arisans from many parts of the state gather hare to sell their wares.

given a chance, whish one there fairs would you like to visit? Write in four sentence:
Answer. I would like to visit book fair. A large variety of books can be found at once place. I can also buy books from different. I feel very happy to visit there. 

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